About Us


SprintPrint was founded in 1987 by Liz and Phil Van Kampen and has remained a privately-owned, family-run business ever since. Although the print industry has changed over the years, SprintPrint has remained committed to the evolution of printing technology and industry trends. SprintPrint was founded on and remains committed to exceptional craftsmanship, hard work and excellent customer service. Over the years SprintPrint has been on the forefront of industry trends and changes and has adapted new technology and best practices to provide the best service and products.

SprintPrint has become more and more like the products and technology we use; efficient, finely tuned and adaptable – always willing to partner closely with each of our clients to ensure we are working with them to get to know their businesses and their printing needs. For knowledgeable clients who know what they want and seek the dependability of an honest, long-term relationship, SprintPrint is simply the best print partner.